Tuesday, December 12

Goals – The Beginning Steps to Successfully Setting And Hitting Your Goals

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Goals can help you achieve tremendous accomplishments. If there is something in your life that you sincerely want to get done you should set a goal for it. However, before you begin there are certain components of goal setting that you want to give careful thought to. Here are 3 of the steps needed for successful goal achievement.

Step 1-Clarity-With clarity comes power. You are more efficient throughout the entire goal accomplishment process when you have clear objectives. When you know exactly what your end game should look like then it is just a matter of arranging your efforts so that they line up with that desired result.

Step 2-Benchmarks-Set up target levels of accomplishment within your goal. Strive to hit these benchmarks. When you do you all but guarantee your eventual success. As you hit your work goals on a consistent basis you set your self up to hit your overall goal by your established deadline. With each task that you complete you move closer and closer to hitting your goal.

Step 3-Plan-Map out a solid plan for going from where you presently are to where you want to go. Be as detailed as possible, but do not be concerned if you don’t have all of the answers. Some aspects of your plan will not be revealed until you are actually in the process of doing the work. You may be required to make adjustments along the way as well. A plan gives you the ability to keep your focus on doing what needs to be done rather constantly diverting mental energy towards contemplating solutions on the fly.


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