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Identifying The Causes, Symptoms And Treatment of Leukemia

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Nobody in this world want to be sick. Being sick is a pain, tension and a very big dilemma. Prevents the individual from doing daily activities. It is not funny at all when people get sick. But no matter how we try to hate the idea of being ill, whose immune system is weak and we lived a sedentary lifestyle, the probability of infection high.

It is a kind of disease all the hate and fear and is known to have cancer. Cancer is a deadly disease, which accounts for almost half of total mortality in the world. It’s frightening to think that he could have the disease. Only a few have survived this disease and health is still hope that it will survive this disease.

Cancer has many different types and must be taken into account or can learn about the different types, so you know the symptoms. Most cancers are genetically acquired if you have relatives who have had cancer, a better test to see if they have cancer. It feels as if they were affected by Taser stronger when you know you have cancer. Surprisingly and heart wrenching. Other cancers develop because of a person’s diet and lifestyle. As lung cancer, for example. Smoking is a major cause of lung cancer if you’ve been smoking for a couple of years, rather than allow another way of developing lung cancer.

Leukemia is a type of cancer for all age groups can have. The young and the elderly are not exempt from this, and it is sad to note that many of the smaller ones have been developed and have undergone this type of cancer. Leukemia is characterized by an abnormal increase in white blood cells and is one of the most dangerous blood disorder.

Of leukemia involves blood cells that circulate in the body, unlike other cancers that focuses on the body’s tissues, sometimes not considered a true cancer. But leukemia cells when studied under a microscope behave like cancer cells in tumors. Affects the blood forming tissues such as bone marrow, causing overproduction of white blood cells.

The symptoms of all types of leukemia include fever, weight loss, fatigue, bone pain, anemia, as evidenced by pale and enlarged spleen. Skin lesions may be visible and there is a trend that will bleed. Infections can become more frequent, and the body becomes less responsive to treatment due to loss of normal blood cells to resist disease as loss of muscle control to defend themselves and escape an attacker or criminal hit with a stun gun cheetah.

The bone marrow biopsy and blood-depth studies to identify the disease. Treatment is usually aimed at reducing the size of the spleen and the number of white blood cells. The administration of antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs are the treatment of leukemia. If the cancer patient reacts to all this, life can be prolonged.


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