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How to Improve Your Google Ranking in 6 Simple Steps. Part 1

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Improve your Google ranking on the search engines known as -search engine optimisation- Wakefield or elsewhere,is crucial to increasing the number of visitors to your site especially if you can reach the hallowed ‘page 1’, which will in turn improve the possibility of getting more visitors to respond to your call to action,

There are six simple steps that can be implemented, that can improve the way Google views your website.
This article id the first of six, outline each step in detail.This article can also be viewed on our video blog, details below.

A big mistake is to have your company name in the title bar, which can be found at the top of the browser, sometimes called ‘the title bar’. If you left your website designer/developer to deal with your search engine optimisation, its likely that they would have put your company name in there. However, Googleis likely to find your website under your company with little trouble, so placeing your company in the title bar is a wte of a vital resource.

In the title bar you need to have your main key word phrase or phrases here, usually a maximum of 70 characters including spaces. This is a big plus, and use up all the characters.

Secondly, also make sure that your description is written to include your main keyword phrase at least twice, and if possible start the description with the keyword phrase. You have up to 155 characters including spaces.
For example if you your key phrases are -bathroom taps & designer taps- you could write something like this:
Bathroom Taps-Designer Taps.Cheap Bathroom Taps at great prices.Wide section of bathroom taps and designer taps-fast delivery call us Designer Taps Direct

To find out want your description is for your home page, go to -view- then -source- which opens up the code for the home page. Look for the word ‘description’, and there you will find your description.

To make these changes you need access to the admin of your site, but if you don’t have this, send your new title and description to your webmaster and he will change it for you.
Implementing these changes will make a difference. Best of luck, and watch out for part 2.


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