Saturday, December 16

What is Education

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 “What is Education”

I wondered from school to in search of the answer as to what is education? Some may think that dumping the children in the school is education, or some may think that buying text book for children is education, or it may be buying some costly reference books or guide for the children is education is education. Some may think that cramming the answers and then vomiting them in the answer books of examination is education. Or it may be getting a degree from any university thereby getting a good job in the multinational company with handsome pay packet is education. Or it may be becoming a top brass in the government organization having lots of powers and triggering mass transfers to its employees thereby disturbing not only the employee but also their family member, is education. Let me tell you through a short moral story as to what education is:

             Once upon a time there a saint who was burning his midnight candle in his hut. When he felt like retiring he closed his books and put off the lamp burning in hut. The moment he put off his lamp, his hut inside was lit with moonlight. He was astonished. The saint Was astonished as to a single lamp could withhold so powerful moonlight waiting out the door of his hut. We have so many powerful lamps burning inside us. Put off these lamps. As these lamps are the lamps of greed, lamps of jealousy, lamps of anger, these are the lamps of lust, lamps of anger. If you can put off these lamps burning within you only then you can be called educated and that will be education in true sense


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