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Where to Find Online Printable Sudoku Puzzles

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Sudoku puzzles are like crosswords for the math-minded. Over the last few years, they have become wildly popular in the U.S., becoming staples of newspaper puzzle sections, and earning the devotion of a series of websites devoted to the logic puzzles. Below are a few of these sites which provide free online printable Sudoku puzzles.

The website provides a seemingly limitless collection of free printable Sudoku puzzles. Simply select one of four difficulty settings located on the left of the page. A Sudoku which corresponds to your chosen skill level will appear on the page with a “print” button available below the puzzle. Refresh the page or click a new difficulty level any time you want a new puzzle.

Like the aforementioned site, provides hundreds of online printable Sudoku puzzles of various difficulty levels. This site also has some Sudoku variants including giant Sudoku puzzles, kids puzzles, and a version of Sudoku which uses letters instead of numbers. To access the printable Sudoku puzzles, click your choice of difficulty or puzzle variant on the home page, then choose one of the 100 available for each difficulty level. You can print the page as is.

The website makes printing a puzzle quick and simple. From the home page, click the link on the right sidebar that says “printable Sudoku.” It will bring you to a list of difficulty options, and once you select yours, it will open your puzzle in a new window and immediately prepare it for printing. Each time you click the link, a new puzzle will be generated.

This website is a resource for teachers and other educators, providing activities for students to complete. One available resource is online printable Sudoku puzzles. To access them, click the link that says “printable worksheets” on the right sidebar. On the new page, click the link that reads “make your own printable worksheets.” One of the choices will be printable Sudoku puzzles. On the Sudoku page, there is one button to generate new puzzles and another button to print them.


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