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All About Aldi-Pc Medion Akoya P5320 D – Complete Review

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The new Aldi Medion Akoya P5320D machine is 3. February throughout Germany in the branches of the discounters available.Looking into the prospect shows an AMD processor and an AMD graphics card plug into your PC. The built-up Athlon II X 4 640 has four cores and a clock speed of 3.0 GHz, has in contrast to the Phenom II X 4 but no L3 cache. This performance fails although somewhat weaker, everyday PC applications that falls into the weight but not great. Apparently AMD wants to rid its holdings in conversion to soon, new Fusion processors for desktops and currently offers its Athlon II-X 4 CPUs at particularly favourable. Furthermore MEDION has equipped the Akoya P5320D capacity and the AMD Radeon HD 6670 (512 MB VRAM) video output with 4 GB DDR3 memory, a powerful 1.5 TByte hard disk.

Brand new video card

The video card is brand new and comes in Aldi-PC for the first time in use. AMD makes currently no further data to the map, but according to naming should she place in midfield and following the HD 5670. Further facilities include a modern USB 3.0 port and the Medion data haven was also changed to the new standard.A n standard, Gigabit-LAN, WLAN chip are a DVD burner and more data interfaces on board. Operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Edition to use.

Both the CPU and the graphics card to position itself in the midrange. Performance should be for smaller or older games like world of Warcraft Counterstrike or call of duty: modern warfare (2) sufficient, as long as you play adequate resolution to maximum 1920 x 1080 pixels. You may have to but then the graphical details something less. The calculator does desktop and multimedia tasks quite easily: full HD movies, YouTube HD and audio or video encoding should run at full speed. However, Aldi advertises with the DirectX 11 argument. The graphics card supports the standard though, its performance for tessellation – a core functionality of DirectX 11, which gives a more realistic representation of graphic effects – not enough players.Overall the price of 499 euros for the Medion Akoya P5320D in view of the offered facilities is but fair.

Alternative Difinity 2579

Do you already have Windows 7? Then you grab X 6 1055T and the fleet GeForce GTS 450 instead to Difinity 2579 with Sechskerner AMD Phenom II. The components are significantly more powerful and suitable for games you want to enjoy in all its glory. The 6-core Phenom is also no performance skyrocket of L3 cache and two additional cores but future-proof. No operating system, our alternative costs also 499 euros.


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