Sunday, December 17

Trojan.win32.scar: Nasty Malware Via Facebook

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Once there, the message “Photo has been moved” (photo moved). To still see the image, the user is to click “view photo” click. This does not however the promised picture, it starts the malware download. The user confirms the download will have pest Worm.Win32.Yimfoca!A2 or Trojan.Win32.Scar!IK infected – which are then automatically distributed about the message with the photo link to his friends.

Security provider emsisoft has a new pest that has bent on inexperienced Facebook user. The Trojan Win32.Scar spreads via chat of social network. With the message “hahahh photo” luring bona fide users to a fake Facebook page.

Unable to access Facebook account
The affected user notice thereof but anything, because after clicking on “view photo” opens only a MySpace or user. The Trojan goes further: after the next time that only opens a window with a survey link instead of the Facebook profile of the user (“win an apple product”). After clicking, the unsuspecting user then lands on a promotional website – it is however, denied access to his Facebook account. 
Alternatively, it displays a Facebook birthday message titled “Today is our 6th birthday!”. After you will navigate on the main page of accounts obtained indicating that account for 80 minutes was locked and locking could be solved only by participating in a survey (which again leads to a promotional page).


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