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Article Marketing – It's Just Like Fishing

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If you have ever been fishing then you know just how the process works. You grab your All-Star fishing rod, grab the live bait, and head out to the pier where you plan to catch that monster of a fish to brag about. And guess what, writing an article is more like fishing than you think! I know that many of you are thinking that I am some kind of crazy person that doesn’t know what I am talking about.

But it’s true; article writing is just like fishing! Think about it this way – your headline is the bait, your content is the hook, and if you are lucky enough to get your audience down to your resource box then you have the perfect opportunity to reel in your audience like the pros do. As you are thinking about this I am sure you are starting to see where I am going with this, but there is definitely more to it than that.

The Headline – Make Your Bait Appealing

Your headline is the first thing that your audience will lay eyes on and you have all of about 3-5 seconds to capture their attention. If you can’t grab your audience’s attention with your headline then everything else that you have written becomes worthless because they won’t even take the time to look at anything else. And this can be a slap in the face, especially if you know you have written quality content. So you have to make your headline so irresistible that your audience will be ready to read more.

The Content – You Have to Really Hook ’em

Now you can’t craft an awesome headline and then fall off by providing mediocre content. That’s just not going to cut it. You want your audience to feel like the 3-5 minutes they spent reading your article was well worth it and they wouldn’t mind reading it again. When an article makes you feel like that then that is what I call quality.

The first thing that you want to do is provide quality information that your readers can actually use because that’s what they are looking for. But even beyond that you want to build a relationship with your audience by writing in a friendly tone relating to their situation, presenting them with examples for better understanding, and providing resources that they can use.

The Resource Box – It’ Time to Reel Them In

In order to get your audience to reach this point, you have to keep their attention from start to finish. You can’t half step with this because a simple slip on your end gives your audience the opportunity to lose focus, lose interest, and go about their merry way. Once you get your audience here it is your chance to drive that traffic.

by introducing yourself and what qualifies you to give such quality information. Even though you want it to be concise you also want it to be rather short (2-3 sentences at the most). Then make sure you include the website you want to drive traffic to in the format. Don’t mask or shorten your link unless you really have an ugly link that you want to use because people respond a little better when they can see what they are clicking on.

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