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Best Large Hard Derives – The Top And Large With High Memory

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Best large hard derives

Samsung S1 mini (HXSU012BA)
Samsung’s ultra light exception-hard drive S1 mini weighs only 85 grams in the 120 GB version and resellers offer about 40 euros.With its extremely compact size (87 x 62 x 15 mm), the external 1, 1.8-inch hard drive is hardly larger than two handy lighters for a practical capacity mobile storage side by side – first class. In addition to the maximum rating for mobility the USB drive brings even full credit for the Lautheits-and power entrance examination. Chic: The Samsung S1 mini (HXSU012BA) there’s the Brown, red, black and white.

Price: about 40 euros

Samsung S2 portable (HX-MTA64DA/g42)

The Samsung S2 portable (HX-MTA64DA/g42) is an external 2, 2.5 inch hard drive, as she did not exist: extremely high performance comes from the clever use of a 640 GB hard drive 7200RPM, 8 MB cache and super speed USB 3.0 interface.The data thus unabated rush to 86.8 MB/s between plate and notebook or PC back and forth – 3, 5 hard level. Nice Samsung keeps also pleasantly low price the 154 grams light plate: you’re going from 80 euros. So who needs a fast external storage with plenty of room for a good price, should resort to the Samsung S2 necessarily portable (HX-MTA64DA/g42).

Price: EUR 80

Iomega eGo Blackbelt portable Mac (35115)

Iomega’s eGo Blackbelt portable Mac (35115) has two advantages. Point 1: as one of only a few external 2, 3.5 inch drive offers memory up to 1 TByte. Point 2: You will send and receive data over USB 2.0 and the significantly faster Firewire800 which is Apple’s iMac and MacBooks. Reading the transfer rate is 69 MB / s then 72.4 MB/s write For an external 2, 2.5 inch hard drive that’s extremely fast and thus moves in a range of traditionally more powerful but larger and heavier 3, 3.5 inch drives. The internal plate against shocks is also buffered, crossed rubber bands on the enclosure sides increase protection.

Price: EUR 130 euro

Freecom hard drive Quattro

A lot of space for photos, music, movies, backups and also quickly – our number one in the external 3, 3.5 inch drive offers a top combination. Fast 2 TB is the Freecom hard drive Quattro available. The “Quattro” in the name does not come from about, because a fast data transmission also an eSATA port, FireWire provide in addition to a USB 2.0 interface 400 and 800. You stay flexible. Via the eSATA cable it rushes the fastest data: we measured up to 95.2 MB / s in the test lab.

Freecom hard drive XS 3.0

The Freecom hard drive XS 3.0 stores up to 1 TB of data and transmits it USB 3.0 also very quickly. In the reading test the external 3, 2.5 inch hard drive 84.4 MB/s, writing comes to 80.6 MB/s – for a hard drive with 5400 RPM pretty well. In the Samsung’s SpinPoint HD103SI that the quietest one 3.5 inch drives. The result: in sleep mode you will hear nothing from the hard drive XS 3.0, operation noise Soars on 1.0 sone, but sounds as good as hardly anyone. Along with the 85 euro called on them is an excellent value for money.

Price: EUR 85
Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex desk (STAC3000201)
Who can have never enough memory, the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex desk (STAC3000201) is recommended highly. Stores theoretically 3,000 GB of data, in practice there are still 2,794 GByte. This is one of the external 3, 2.5 inch hard drive to the store a few monsters on the market. Another plus: connect the FreeAgent GoFlex desk (STAC3000201) via USB 3.0 to PC or notebook. Because the record reached 112 MB/s reading and 92 MB/s write – for their device class extremely good values. In addition the Seagate hard drive remain always quiet, maximum reaching 1.1 sone in our measurements.

Price: EUR 170


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