Wednesday, December 13

The Essence And The Existence of God

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“What we understand by God is that knowledge. What’s that knowledge? The ‘Knowledge’ that lies beyond all knowledge is called Unfathomable Knowledge (Mahajnan). It is this Unfathomable Knowledge who sheds the light. He bears the name of God. Here reason fails; here the human brain does not function. He is there above and beyond them. We have given Him different names in this line of thought to suit our convenience. We have tried to bring out His attributes in different pictures. We have projected Him in different ways. All this is just to make Him easily understood. But He remains at one with that Knowledge.

You see this vast realm. You have to pull up by the roots all that grow here. Then you’ll get a vast plain. But you can’t again throw them away. There’s a pond nearby. You’ll have to drop those plants into it. You drop them there. At any moment you may have to replant them. If one has enough doggedness, in that case one will find Him. You’ll get it inside the human frame, never outside. Make no mistake.

Then will the plant you replace in the soil, sprout its twigs and branches once again? No, how can it? If its very roots are pulled out, then in case it is replanted—so sorry, why say ‘replanted’ – it has to be planted over and over again. Don’t you get the point?”

Enthusiastically, spirituality without any particular religion, led by young generation, will soon find ‘one world; one religion’ firm footing.


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