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Working in Thailand

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Working in Thailand

During traveling the world you have come to know Thailand as a beautiful country with friendly people. Therefore you like to live there long term. But you still don’t have enough money to retire. Only solution will be that you get a job in Thailand. How do you get a job there, and what do you have to reckon with. In this article some pointers are given to inform you on the possibilities. Important to remember is that you need to be determined and persistent to take this step. You will be living and working in a foreign culture, and about 10,000 km apart from your family. Good preparation is one of the least required.

To get a job in Thailand

A possibility of getting long term excess to Thailand is acquiring a job in Thailand. The more education you have, the better your chances are that the Thai government will approve your application. Through the websites of Chamber of Commerce of different countries in Bangkok you can get a list of companies that are located within Thailand. Then you can select the branch of companies you are interested in. These companies you can approach asking if they are interested in hiring you. Of course there will be many other foreign applicants, so you need to be sure that your qualifications are exceptional. Next to this your can become a member of the Chamber of Commerce. They can give you useful information on how to approach the companies. Another way to get work in Thailand is to teach English as a native speaker. Requirement is that you have a TEFL or TESOL degree with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Non-immigrant B-visa

Once you have found a company or school you can work for, you will need to get the proper visa in your country. From the company you will receive a letter stating their intentions to hire you. With this letter you go to the Embassy of Thailand or the Consulate. After applying you will receive a “Non-immigrant” B-visa with which you can enter the country. This will give you access to Thailand for a year (including the blue form which you need to fill in before entering the country). At this point you still can’t work officially as you not have a work permit yet. This paperwork will be arranged by your employer and can take up to a month or longer. When it’s finished you will go with the head of Human Resource to the Visa – Work permit division. There you will receive a work permit with a new work visa. Every three months your address needs to be verified until a year has passed. Then you apply for a new work permit and visa.

A quick leave from home

Getting a job in Thailand means you will need to react quickly also. Speed is required to get started on the paperwork. This also means that you need to arrange a last minute ticket to fly to Thailand. Also you need to give the letter to the Embassy or Consulate to arrange your visa. Please remind that this visa you will not receive on the day you apply for it.

Before leaving to Thailand consider also that you will need to have arranged some paperwork in your country as well. Translate your certificates and legalize it properly at the Ministry of Education, Foreign Affairs and the Thai Consulate. Take also with you an excerpt of birth registry with you as well as the administration of your last residence. Remember also that you will need your passport for a long time and that you renew it before you expect to leave. Ask also at your local health care shop or hospital which vaccinations are required. If you have done all these things you are ready for a quick leave.


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