Friday, December 15

Happy Birthday Henry

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Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron, born February 5th, 1934 in Mobile, Alabama, often thought of as one of the greats of Baseball, celebrates his 77th Birthday today.

Records and Titles –  755 Home Runs, 1477 Extra base hits, and 2297 runs batted in.

Other Notable Stats –  2174 runs scored, second to the great Ty Cobb, and 12,364, thats right 12,364 times at bat in 3298 games, second to Pete Rose. His 3771 hits were exceeded only by Ty Cobb and Pete Rose.

Parents –  Estella and Herbert Aaron

Education – through high school and graduated from Allen Institute.

Henry “Hank” Aaron was a remarkable baseball player, constantly subject to racial discrimination but yet, pushed forward and became one of Baseball’s all time greats. With that being said I would like to wish Mr. Aaron a Happy Birthday and wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors!

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