Thursday, December 14

Travel Photography Advice

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As a digital photographer with a passion for travel, I have learned that the best photos are not typically the tourist attractions themselves.  As such, be sure to look around the area to make sure not to miss an incredible photograph. This article offers suggestions on obtaining excellent photographs while on vacation.

Some of the best photographs’ subjects are not mainstream. For example, when I stood in front of the Venus de Milo in Paris’ Louvre Museum, I looked upward to view a magnificent painting on the ceiling and edging of the room.  I also looked around to capture people’s reactions to the famous statue and among each other.  Some people were irritated at standing close together. Others were admiring the statue or bored out of their mind staring into oblivion and missing the essence of the visit. I did take a photo of Venus de Milo, standing with one arm missing as an ancient reminder of her sculptor.  I also took a photo of the painted ceiling. Of the two, my favorite is definitely the ceiling. However, my favorite photos to look at after my vacation were the photos with people in them.  Studying their reactions captured in a moment of thought or action is unlike any other.

If on a cruise, inside a convention center, or in a hotel remember to visit the great outdoors.  An excellent resource for a photographer is outdoors.  While it may seem natural to peer at a sunset or a cloud formation, sometimes being with people at a get-together or eating dinner on a cruise distracts the photographer from the opportune photograph moment.  I try to look outdoors from time to time, especially if it appears that the sky will display the ultimate canvas that evening. During the cruise I excused myself from dinner for a few minutes to go up on the deck and take the photo illustrated with this article.

The main point is that a digital photographer should not forget to look up – or at least around.  Sometimes the best photo is happening on the ground, in the sky, or behind.


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