Monday, December 11

Has Call of Duty: Lost It's Luster?

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Soldier… After the highly anticipated release of the new download content for Call of Duty Black Ops;  Players who have purchased the latest series in Map Packs are already growing tired.


Is it because Call of Duty has used the same platform for the last four titles, and Rumor has it, they’ll be stepping back to the Modern Warfare 2 engine for their next release.  Is it because the maps are too small and don’t have enough to offer?  Maybe because getting spawn killed is growing tiresome, or the new Maps just don’t offer what they should.

Granted the First Strike Map Packs are excellent, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just what the creators were so proud of, we barely experience in the game.  During gameplay, the much anticipated breakable bridges were talked about all over XBox live, but after seeing that players barely even pass those areas in any game mode, players were let down.

The Zipline?  Great if it’s down to one on one, but those who play will agree, you’ve got about a 20% chance of cruising down the zip successfully.

How bout with new Maps, we get new weapons, new perks.  Or are they waiting for us to shell out another $65 bucks on the next title, instead of just offering expandable content available for download in the game marketplace.  And does anyone fulfill their contracts anymore?

And the Maps themselves, slight recurrent from last games.  Although some Great new additions have been created, it still feels the replay value is lacking.  And why make us all wait so long for new Call of Duty content.  Maybe instead of making all of the hardcore gamers wait months for a group of Maps at a value felt unworthy of the return, offer the “Map of the month” for a price of 400 Microsoft points.  Creating larger revenue for the designers, and offering new and highly desired content for download.

At any reason, the Call of Duty series remains triumphant in the world of video games, and will have a place for a long time.  But with new games like Homefront and Battlefield, Call of Duty has to watch their back, they’re about to get span killed…! 

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