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Movie Review: The Tournament

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The Tournament Moview Review

Wealthy billionaires bet on the tournament whilst watching the action on CCTV in a media room. Each assassin receives Las Vegas style odds for payouts to the betting winners. If that wasn’t unrealistic enough, the rich men of the earth bet by placing cash on a table. The viewer wonders if there is enough cash on the table to place million dollar bets. Another premise that makes it hard to believe in the film is why any assassin would take 29-to-1 odds for a mere ten million dollars. After all, being the sole winner of the tournament is unlikely.

The beginning of the film shows the end of the previously held tournament which was held in Brazil. The lone winner is Joshua Harlow, who after the assassination of his wife decides to join the current tournament held in Middlebrough, United Kingdom in order to exact revenge of whichever assassin killed her.

The action happens quickly since each player in the tournament has an implanted tracking device which enables them to find each other. An innocent, drunk priest ends up ingesting one of the player’s devices and becomes yet another player in the tournament.

As the players find each other, they use their preferred weapons to eliminate one by one their competitors. They only have twenty-four hours to win the tournament or the implanted tracking device explodes, killing the player.

One highlight of the film is Kelly Hu as Lai Lai Zhen who provides action-packed martial arts and overall good acting. Robert Carlyle, playing Father Joseph Macavoy, also provides a sympathetic character. Although a bit befuddled, he seems to be one of the few characters that the audience would want to survive the bloodbath.

I won’t give away any more of the plot, but needless to say it is action packed. The film is fine if you want to see plenty of carnage but lacks realism and ultimately loses the goal of many movies which is the suspension of belief by the viewer that allows full mental immersion into the film. The film could have been better had it concentrated more on realism and made the film lean more toward film noir.

Overall, I give the movie a thumbs down unless you find the premise to be interesting in which case you might want to give it a try.


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