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Being Romantic in Spanish

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The Spanish flag

The Spanish flag

Being Romantic in Spanish

Expressing Love

Here are several phrases for expressing love in Spanish:

  • Te amo: (tay AH-moe) means “I love you”.

  • Te quiero: (tay key-AIR-oh) means “I like you”, but expresses more desire than the equivalent English phrase.. This phrase can be used at the beginning of a relationship, before love (amor) is officially expressed

  • Te deseo: (tay day-SAY-oh) means “I desire you”. This phrase is likely to mean that you desire someone greatly, often in a physical manner.

  • Me gustas: (may GOOSE-tahs) means “I think you are attractive”.

Paying Compliments

  • Eres bonita: (AIR-ess bow-NEE-tah) means “You are pretty”. This is used for women. The equivalent for men, “eres bonito” isn’t used as often.

  • Eres guapo/a: (AIR-ess GWA-poe) means “You are handsome”. This can be used for men or women. Use the “o” ending for men and the “a” ending for women, as Spanish distinguishes between the sexes.

  • Estás bueno/a: (eh-STAHS BWAY-noe) means “You are looking good”. The temporary verb, “estar” is used here because it indicates that you are looking good right now.

  • Tienes bonitos ojos: (tee-IN-ays bow-NEE-tos OH-hoes) means “You have beautiful eyes”.

  • Eres hermoso/a: (AIR-ehs er-MOE-soh) means “You are beautiful”. This expression is stronger than “eres guapo” or “eres bonita”. Note that the “h” is silent.

Asking for a Date:

  • ¿Quisieras una cita?: (key-see-AIR-es OO-nah SEE-tah) means “Would you like a date?”

  • ¿Te gustaría salir conmigo? (tay goose-tah-REE-ah saw-LEER kun-MEE-go) means “Would you like to go out with me (for a date)?”

These phrases should get you started being romantic in Spanish. If there are additional phrases you would like to know, please include them in the comments.

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