Sunday, December 17

Behind The Scenes of a Call Center Customer Service Job.

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Well, when we call a customer service line for a company like Cablevision, Verizon, Comcast, or AT&T, we often think that these companies are bad because they do not provide very good customer service. Well, the reality is that these companies are badly mismanaged. There are constant changes to the rules and promotions available. The customer service representatives do not know what is going on half the time. I work for one of these wonderful companies so I should know.

I am not sure who makes the rules. The government could be making the rules or maybe the owner of the company is making the rules. The fact of the matter is that these companies have to stay competitive in order to make money. They do not really care about their customers. They only care about the money. So at the end of the day, the customer service representatives are often put out on the floor before they are ready to assist people and most of the time these folks have no clue as to what is really going on around them. To add to the stress of the customer service representative position, they are also graded based on their adhearance to their break time, login time, talk time, hold time, wrap time, greeting statement, assurance of help, empathy, proper use of silence and a million other factors that you as the consumer know nothing about. For your information, wrap time is the amount of time it takes for the representative to notate the account. They are expected to make notes on the account while talking to you on the phone at the same time. If you ever wonder why these poor people sound like machines, it is because this is a part of their job. If you ever wonder why so many of these people are unhappy and resentful towards you, well it is because they are abused by these large companies and they are treated like prisoners at their place of work.

If the customer service representative breaks any one of the strictly enforced policies, they stand to be immediately terminated. The average salary for a customer service position at a call center is approximately $25,000 per year. These people are slaves to their jobs and they live paycheck to paycheck. Before you grade someone poorly on a customer service perfomance survey at the end of the phone call, just remember that this person can lose their job because of your score. If you were helped by a very kind representative, please do them a favor and give them all A’s. Trust me, they need it because they are struggling to survice. Before you scream at a customer service representative, just acknowledge that the weird policies are not their fault. You need to talk to the owner of the company or to the federal government. If you see a bunch of weird taxes on your bill, trust me, the government has its greedy big hand in your pocket. If you ask a customer service representative to explain your bill to you, chances are that they will not know how to do it and will try to look like they do. These companies do not allow people to spend too much time in training because training people is expensive and they want to get their money’s worth. The turn over rate in these companies is amazing. They hire daily by the dozen.


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