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Managing Your Acne – Keeping Your Acne Worries Away

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Acne or pimples are lesions occurring on the face, neck, and back of the human body caused as a result of disorder of hormone actions on oil glands of the skin called sebaceous glands. It is a common skin problem that affects about 17 million people in USA.

The sebaceous fluids secreted by the sebaceous gland through the pores causes the pores blocked along the lesions. The disease is attributed as a result of sudden changes in the hormone levels in the human body normally found among the adolescents between the age of 12 and 20.

The causes of Acne can be attributed to the sudden changes in the hormone levels in the body usually during the adolescent age. However there are also instances of acne or pimple that appears in people above the age of 25 due to many reasons like recurrence of Acne that was cured once in adolescence, Acne that appears after subsiding again after a brief period, like the ones that appears during the time of pregnancy among women. Very rarely Acne may also occur in adulthood. There are many reasons for the same. Let us see some of the major reasons for the acne or pimples during adulthood.  Continuous medication is one of the major reasons. The anabolic steroids used by athletes and certain medications for diseases like epilepsy, Tuberculosis are causes for Acne. Medicines that contain Lithium and Iodine may also cause the problem. Besides the above, continuous pressure on the skin and certain Industrial chemicals may also induce Acne.

Sudden changes in the hormonal balance among women during pregnancy, and menstruation may also cause Acne. This type of Acne that appears during adult hood is comparatively difficult to treat and recurrence of the disease may necessitate repeated medication, Pimples or Acne that is found in adult hood calls for treatment by a dermatologist. Another common factor for acne is found to be hereditary. Often cases of Acne are found to have a family history of this disorder.

Contrary to popular belief food has little role in the development of pimples or acne. Chocolates, oil rich foods are often considered as taboos for this reason though there is no scientific proof to this effect. Dirty skin may not leads to acne as many of us think so also the role of stress and strain for this disorder as some people believe.

Any one irrespective of the age, country or race may get affected by this common skin disorder. However it is highly prevalent among people of adolescent age and young adults. More incidence of pimples or Acne is among the teenagers and people below 24 yrs.

Popping a pimple may lead to scarring in some cases. Gentle squeezing at the surface and white may not normally lead to scars. However popping a pimple that is below the surface may lead to scarring. In cases of serious cystic lesions it would be advisable to consult a dermatologist. One is well advised to clean the hands and sterilize the needle before the popping. It is advised to wash the face in warm water to soften the skin before attempting a popping. Once the sterilized needle is used to prick the pimple, one has to ease out the   pus by pressing on the side of the pimple by a tissue covered finger

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