Monday, December 11

Realization Develops Power of Reasoning, Helps Attainment of Perfection.

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Man is all the time sunk in seeking and getting. Well, he again can attain to that state of humanity—that super manhood. He can’t do it all by himself. If somebody can, very good, nothing can be finer. But if he can’t, he has to take help of somebody who can.

Well, what is meant by ‘duty perfectly done’? Who is greater—ideal house-holder or ideal monk? No house holder is an ideal one. No home appears to be an ideal, indeed. In the name of ideal they pursue the very reverse. What very little a man does keeps him all the time busy.

If I can’t lead my own life following a certain pattern, would I be called at all a human being? Mind—it must rush alone with the speed of the wind. But what I desire is to hold it in check.

It starts from the very beginning. It all begins with the parents. They come first. Once you are aware of this fact, you’ve to exercise your judgment from the very beginning of conception. How to bring forth a noble child? How to bring it up and on what lines? There lays, indeed, the duty of the parents.

If you don’t form the character from the very first, but try to form it getting maturity, how can it be at all possible! Form yourself in an ordinary way. If that is done, the extraordinary will come of it. The eternal will follow in the footstep of the extraordinary. There’s nothing to worry about. But if you turn your eyes towards the eternal all at once, what effect can it produce! That’s not wise at all. That’s a mistake.      


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