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7 Easy Ways to Be a Positive Role Model in Your Classroom

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7 Easy Ways to Be a

Positive Role Model in Your Classroom

The role of a teacher in the classroom as a leader is to lead students, families, and the teacher aide to success. In order for the teacher to be effective he or she will need to maximize the time and talent of the Teacher Aide. Doing this can make a difference in the outcome of a school year….

Teachers create the climate in their classrooms, but some teachers allow students to take this power away. Kids like to grumble so it’s up to the teacher to keep the atmosphere of the classroom positive and not allow the grumblers to bring the class down.

Fortunately, this isn’t that hard to do! Keep these tips in mind and you and your kids will be smiling most of the time.

  • 1. Share with your students, with much enthusiasm, what you are currently reading. This doesn’t have to be a book. It could be a magazine article. Let them know that you consider leisure reading to be something adults do. Encourage reading at every opportunity. In a time when young people are doing very little leisure reading it’s imperative that all teachers the value and enjoyment potential of reading.
  • 2. Be polite. Show them the respect you expect them to show you. The days of teachers automatically getting respect because of their position are gone. Mutual respect between you and your students will make your classroom run much more smoothly.
  • 3. Apologize if you are wrong. It’s powerful role modeling to show students how to apologize gracefully. Unfortunately, kids often don’t see this role modeled by parents or teachers. The perception of fairness is very important to kids. If they know you are wrong and you admit it, your stature will rise considerably.
  • 4. When students gossip about teachers or other students put a stop to it immediately. Let them know this is unacceptable behavior in your room. It is very unprofessional to allow students to talk about other teachers and it can put you in a very uncomfortable position if the teacher who was being discussed confronts you about it later.
  • 5. Watch your own negative talk. Teen conversation skews heavily to the negative. You need to role model the opposite. Make your classroom an island of positivity. The added benefit is this makes the days much more pleasant for you as well!
  • 6. Share with studentssituations in your daily life when you made a decision exhibiting character over expedience. (Do this in a casual way to reinforce the idea that this is how people should behave.)
  • 7. Discuss examples of when you have observed people behaving in unethical ways and what other appropriate choices were available. Discuss these as a class. While you don’t want to discuss any illegal actions you may have taken in your life, you may wish to talk about time when you made incorrect decisions. Sharing your own mistakes can provide a lot of value for students.

Like it or not, you serve as a role model for your students. You will never know how far your influence extends. Walk your talk and be someone your kids will want to model themselves after.


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