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Celebration 2011-12, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day And Easter Sunday.

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chinese New Year celebration is the most popular in Paris than in China. A lot   of people gather around the city to watch the joyful parade that encompasses colorful dragons, enthusiastic dancers, cheerful musicians, magnificent flags, and powerful Chinese influence. The Chinese bistros are teeming with locals and visitors to enjoy the food along with music, dance, and film festivals. It is indeed a memorable experience to celebrate Chinese New Year celebration 2011. The 2011 new beginning which is observed on the February 3 is well known as, chinese new year 2011. Each Chinese year is denoted by one animal. This fifteen days celebration signifies the different customs and traditional practices. The calculation of Chinese New Year dates is based on the lunisolar calendar and the time usually falls during harvesting season. The Chinese New Year is also celebrated to display this happiness of harvested crops.

easter day 2011 once again prayers will be held in the churches. Chortling of bells, echo of prayers will sanctify this pious occasion. People will throw on new clothes and attend church prayers. chinese new year 2011 is the biggest annual event, where families would gather for reunion dinner and friends would be visiting each other. Markets will be abuzz with activities and several beautiful ornaments weeks prior to the festival. Celebrate the Chinese New Year 2011, the Year of the Tiger, with great kids’ activities and crafts and falling on February 3 2011, and festivities are spread over several weeks. Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world, wherever there is a Chinese Community. Chinese new year celebrations are not only a way of keeping these earliest traditions alive rather they serve as great tourist attractions for foreigners who are highly intrigued by the unique culture of the country.

 valentine day 2011 is falling on Monday, 14 February and this most precious time to fall in love with your beloved. Celebrating valentine’s day 2011 in London will be most amazing and wonderful event for any couple, those like to express his /her feelings in the world of feelings of London. You can make your loved ones feel that you care a lot for her/him by giving card especially made by you. Your friends and Family members will get together on the eve of Chinese New Year for a reunion dinner. One of the most important things that most Chinese do during Chinese New Year is to play some card games. This is a favorite past time during this festive season of 15 days and to set off lots of fireworks and firecrackers during this time.

The Chinese New Year 2011 celebration is a colorful, symbolic and joyous time. A lot of customs and traditions have a long history and may not be understood by all. Some dismiss certain characteristics as superstition but a more in depth and detailed analysis suggest that cultural practices relating to the Chinese New Year do have social functions even if it is not immediately obvious. Valentine’s Day celebrates love in the most dreamy and amazing way. People across the India celebrate this special day by expressing love for their sweetheart valentines, parents, teachers and friends. As per the tradition cards, flowers, chocolates, are exchanged between lovers. Everyone tries to out do others when it comes to pleasing loved ones on the Valentine’s Day and to make them feel special on this day by different Valentines ideas.


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