Tuesday, December 12

Some Facts And Myths on Hypertension

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A lot of patients seen at the clinics are totally unaware of hypertension. most Filipinos label them as high blood or a bad temper, irritable and so on. some even claim that nape pain is 100% due to hypertension, not knowing that the said symptom maybe just muscle pain in origin and that a simple bed rest and a single paracetamol tab will do the trick.

It is true that most patients with nape pain have indeed elevated blood pressures, but then again it is usually reactive in nature due to the stress brought about by the discomfort itself and not necessarily due the disease of hypertension. Indeed hypertension usually comes with no symptoms, most patients feels ok and energetic, but if you take their bp, it is elevated at a level of 140/90 and above. the normal bp is actually less than 120/80 as of current guidelines. so a bp of 120 to 139 / 80 to 89 is considered a pre-hypertensive level.

It takes skill to get an accurate bp and knowledge for the diagnosis of hypertension, usually your physician will require you to have a couple of visits for the confirmation of this disease. Early detection and treatment is paramount to good prognosis.

Consult your primary care physician or your internist/geriatrician for more info.


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