Tuesday, December 12

Basic Info For Stroke

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Everybody is somehow familiar with the term STROKE, and by far it can be considered a dreaded disease. Most of us has seen people with unusual walking patterns, as if half of their bodies are paralyzed, in fact they are. Stroke can affect anyone from all walks of life. Rich and poor, men and women.

This disease can cause serious disabilities that affects our day to day living, from our love life to our means of livelihood. That is why it is important that the public must have some basic knowledge of this condition. Stroke literally means that a part of your brain has actually died,  because the life blood feeding the brain has stopped either by thrombosis or a blood clot or due to a hemorrhage which is a blood vessel rupture.

There are several mechanisms that plays a role in its development but one of the major risk factor is hypertension. Hypertension increases a person’s risk of a stroke by 2 to 4 folds, which makes this disease very notorious. A blood pressure or 140/90 already increases your risk for hypertension and therefore a STROKE.

Individuals with this level of blood pressure should consult a physician for confirmation of the diagnosis and early treatment for hypertension be started the soonest as to lessen the risk for STROKE. Always consider the conservative preventive measures for all types of diseases. Observe a well balanced diet, exercise ( regular exercise ), tobacco and alcohol free lifestyle.


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