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The Roles of Students And Teachers

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The Roles of Students and Teachers

The teacher is the yardstick that measures the achievements and aspirations of the nation.The worth and potentialities of a country get evaluated in and through the work of the teacher, The people of a country are the enlarged replica of their teacher. They are the real nation builders.

What is the place of students? What is the role of teachers? The questions are reciprocal in the sense that you must have students in order to be a teacher.

Among the greatest of all services that can be rendered by men to Almighty God, is the education and training of children, so that they can foster by grace in the way of salvation, growinglike pearls of divine bounty in the shell of education and will be one day the jewel in the crown of abiding glory.

Students should be active participants in the learning process. I believe in cooperative learning, in a process where students learn together. And I believe in participatory learning. Education, especially in the early grades, is not about knowledge – facts and figures, dates and names. It is about skills. Students learn the three R’s mostly through exercising, practicing particular skills. You don’t tell someone how to read. You introduce them to the process and allow them to practice it in ways that build strength in it.

Teachers should be expert guides, not bosses or masters. The rigidity of the relationship and the formality of the two roles, student and teacher, will vary from subject area to subject area and from grade to grade. The idea that we can make generalizations about kindergarten classroom relationships that will still hold true in the tenth grade is probably a naive desire to oversimplify theory and philosophy.

If I must generalize about teaching situations in a subjunctive mode, I’d prefer a student-centered classroom where the teacher aids in the discovery process (not in construction of “reality,” since reality is already here and is pretty real without the help of my students) and where the teacher acts as a coach in the development of skills. I’d prefer a classroom where the students felt as few restrictions as possible within the requirements of the learning process. And I’d prefer a classroom where learning, not teaching, was the central focus.

The higher the student-teacher ratio, the less like this a classroom becomes. And in my mind the single biggest factor in the quality of education and the success of the educational process is the most expensive factor – personnel. We can tinker with curriculum. We can alter pedagogy. We can think of new ways to measure success (and accountability). We can require that the one teacher we have (in a room where two are needed) be better trained. But the solution that is most likely to work is the solution that no one wants to pay for: more teachers per school.

It needs no description that the teacher is the pivot of any educational system of the younger students.  On him rests the failure or the success of the system.  If the teachers are well educated and if they are intellectually alive and take keen interest in their job, then only, success is ensured.  But, if on the other hand, they lack training in education and if they cannot give their heart to their profession, the system is destined to fail. Hence, the teacher is another vital component of the school.

The teacher is a dynamic force of the school. A school without teacher is just like a body without the soul, a skeleton without flesh and blood, a shadow without substance. There is no greater need for the cause of education today than the need for strong manly men and motherly women as teachers for the young . As social engineers, the teachers can socialize and humanize the young by their man-like qualities

The role of the school and teachers has always been vital in the all round personality development of the students. In fact, a teacher is a role model influencing every facet of the student’s growth and developing their innate potentials, in addition to being a motivator, guide and friend.

          Besides, the teacher of today is also responsible to enable and empower the learner to emerge as a competent youth, ready to take on the challenges of the rapidly changing world. Hence, it is imperative that the teacher continuously upgrades his/her knowledge and methodology in order to enhance the quality of teaching. If the quality of teaching is good and the commitment of teachers is high, the standard of the Institution is bound to rise.

Whatever time they have at their disposal is consumed by newspapers, television and other recreations. As a result, the younger generation hardly gets any opportunity to share ideas with their elders or to enter into a meaningful discussion. On the other hand, this idea is gaining ground among us that education is not meant to build up better human beings, but only to get better jobs. Consequently, the students’ minds are obsessed with better jobs and dreams for higher social status.It is,therefore,duty of the parents, too, to take active interest in the day-to-day progress of their children both in and outside the institution and apprise them of the real meaning of education.


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