Friday, December 15

Flea on Dog

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                                                                      FLEA DOG

Flea dogis the most common infestation occurring on the dogs. Its bites lead your dog going insane. These are sometimes found on human body but it prefers animal host. Fleas are one of the most common pests found in pets like cat and dog.

There are different types of flea which attack human, cats, dogs. The Pulex irritants are human flea. The Ctenocephalides canis are dog flea while Ctenocephalides flies are flea cat. It carries various diseases with them. It causes dermatitis and anaemia in pets. It can also transmit parasites and other dangerous disease to pets.

Due to Flea infestation dogs are not safe. Its bites lead to many diseases to dogs. Fleas reproduce very fast. If the flea control is not done it may prove fatal to dogs. To save pets flea control dog has to be done.

There are various methods to control and kill it. They also attack the small puppy. The puppy infected by flea is called flea puppy. The care of puppy should be done at initial stage.  The puppy under the twelve weeks should be combed with proper flea comb which removes all the eggs and fleas larvae.

To kill flea dogs many remedies are available. But it is important getting rid of flea dog. To eradicate it from roots is important factor so that they should not reappear in your home. There are number of flea killer dogs medicines available in market like frontline which contains fipronil and applied between the shoulder blades of dogs which kill larvae and eggs of flea. Another is Biospot that contains Permithrin and kills it within 24 hours of spray and is effective for at least 3 months.

One can get rid of fleas by natural method. Like adding garlic in the dog’s food keeps them free from fleas. Brewer’s yeast is also natural way of getting away from it.

How we can forget about ticks. Tick is another pest which is very harmful for pets.

If we are having pets at home extra care, time and attention is needed for them to keep them healthily and away from all these nuisance pests.



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