Friday, December 15

Growing Up?

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We all still remember, at the ages of six and seven, how much we looked up to our elder brothers and sisters and how much we as well wanted to be like them – to grow up. Not until we entered our high school or college life, all we wanted was to just grow up somehow and quick. At that part of our life we found ourselves standing on an inferior terrace of the mountain or on the ground or sunk in an ocean in some case and for us our teenage siblings and cousins were like footing on the elevated notch. Something we look up to. Who did we know then that what is it like to stand on that height of the mountain where all you are able to do after every minute or two is fall. Now that we are standing there, we realize how stupid we were that we longed for something like that. Every move we make ends up as a blunder, every chance we take gets lost somewhere, every decision we have to make has a choice so hard to mull over. Back then all our decisions were made by our parents, they were the ones who chose our way, who helped us decide but now that we are grown we find ourselves surrounded by so many decisions that only we can make, choosing our career for instance. We feel senior, superior, responsible – grown up.

But this doesn’t has to be. This isn’t the time to make hard, tough and fast decisions. This isn’t the time to grow up. This is the time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere chill. Relax for a while and then persist your journey. Major in philosophy because there is no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind and then change it again because nothing is permanent, nothing lasts forever, nothing sticks with you for lifetime. Eternity is not the word to use right now; making mistakes won’t make your life an oversight. Yes, it will affect how your future changes – but in a good way. When you’ll stumble upon your path you’ll know you’re going the wrong way. Walking on the side of the road, cautiously, will of course take you where ever you wish to go but it won’t take you to the place you are meant to be. You won’t apprehend your aim, your ambition, for what you are destined to be. The side of the road is perhaps safe to walk on but when an intact road, somewhere else, is open only for you then why choose something where all the time you have to watch out for obstacles. When there is a way for you where you can proudly walk on with no fear from right or left, back or ahead then there is no point to walk on the side, walk ahead – ahead of everyone. But not now, this isn’t the time to grow up. This is the time to live.

Teenage is neither adult nor child. We are through our childhood and entering the adulthood. This turning point between our two stages of lives is the part that stays forever. We discover ourselves; we start to realize who we are. We start to feel – feel love, feel pain, feel hurt and feel cherish in a true manner. Making mistakes at this stage is obvious. When we come across something absolutely new, we don’t know how it works and obviously we can’t go correct on the first try. We’ll have to endeavor again and again to reach out and utilize that thing. That’s how our life works; we can’t call ourselves veteran unless we have made mistakes and realized the true trail.

Doesn’t this seem funny that when we were little we longed so hard to grow up and now that we are standing at the juncture we wished to be on, how much we desire to go back to the old times where everything was so innocent. How much we miss our childish laughs while playing ridiculous games like hide and seek. How a slight cut on our figure became a mean to cry. How we fought on things like “that toy is mine!” How we ran to our moms when we fell off our bicycle on the first attempt. How just a chocolate brought a wide smile on our face. How we felt so proud on getting a “well done” from our dad. Those were the times that we miss today. But have we ever considered that the time we are living now is also meant to become our past someday and on that day what we will miss the most will be our teenage life. So make as many mistakes as you can, of course study as well but balance your life. Study, go out, study, call a friend, study, log on to facebook, study, go see a movie – make it a rule. To think that only becoming a book worm is enough is simply wrong. Books are not something to depend on. Be creative – think! Use your mind and come up to some crazy idea. If it doesn’t ends up right, consider it a mistake and move on. Spend time with family – have parties, sleep over’s, night outs. Hang out with friends – cheer, shout and laugh. That’s how it works, how it should work because someday when you will need some peace out of the rough, sturdy and hasty life you’ll be living, these will be the memories that will bring a smile on your face. You will be able to run away from the world but your mind comes with you so store some overwhelming memories in it, some crazy thoughts, some silly secrets and a lot of mistakes that you made when you were a teenager. Live your life!


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