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Some Facts About The Tai Chi Sword

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 Learning the sword would simply mean that you have already subdued many things in your life and a few in-betweens. It should also mean that you are prepared to face one of the hardest areas in your Tai Chi training. The sword will be instructed only when you have successfully mastered each form; that will be the time that your mind, body, and soul will be prepared to take on the sword and make you feel well-situated about it.

At the beginning, Tai Chi will instruct students the use of three weapons namely: chang (spear or staff), tao (knife or broadsword), and chien (straight sword), putting Tai Chi aside, these three are also utilized in other kinds of martial arts combat. It’s used in accordance to its range. Long-range weapons like the staff and spear are frequently used in the battlefield, while short-range weapons like the straight sword and broadsword are contrived for a personal one-on-one combat.

The sword – a comparatively light and small short-range weapon is regarded as the king of combat because of its attributes that can make your adversaries run for their lives. Before, the sword is utilized as a symbol of mightiness and is used for violence. Nowadays, it’s another story. Folks are now learning to wield the sword as a weapon applied in exercises for the maturation of self-discipline in terms of mind and body connection.

The entry of Tai Chi in the present society is a distinguished medium where one can exercise the usage of the sword. A few are attracted to learn since of the idea of how a weapon as deadly as this can be controlled into one graceful and harmless act.

About the Sword

The chien or short sword is measured for about 3 ft. It is composed of a double-edged blade that holds a range of 28 – 30 inches long and is about 1 – 2 inches in width. The handle is around 8 – 9 inches wherein a hole is set up at the end of its hilt where a tassel or knot is normally attached. The tip is sharpened and can make an individual bleed in a heartbeat.

In the traditional sense, the chien is crafted in accordance to the user’s comfort to the material, size, and balance. Nowadays, there are wide sorts of swords that are mass-produced in a non-functional and lighter sense that are utilized for practice and in competitions.

Prior to learning the sword, it is more advisable to learn the knife because of its simpleness and it’s unlikely for the wielders to wound or cut themselves for the weapon only has one edge that’s sharp. Experts of Tai Chi give due regard to the sword and consider it as the weapon that only elite warriors and scholars can employ. Unlike tao, which they regarded as a soldier’s weapon.

Here are some points to remember when handling the sword:

1. Be acquainted with the weapon at hand. Realize all possible facets about it like its attacking parts.

2. Be one with the sword. Make it your best pal. Practice it day-to-day as if it was a long-time job.

3. Look at the sword as though it was a tool and not a display object that you are able to hang decoratively on the wall.

4. If you’re in the presence of the sword, act with purpose and grace.


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