Friday, December 15

8 Basic Tips TO Acquire Good Property

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There are few tips you must consider first before taking your choice property before it would be too late to regret.

1,)Check well the property.

a) Documents:

     See the documents if the seller have it, check if the property not being mortgaged to anyone or to the bank. Check the whole area of the property. If it is a house you’re looking, see what are all the house features and some other facilities.  If it is a lot, check the terrain; ask if the lot would not be flooded when it rains a little, the drainage system and the neighboring lots and buildings.

2.) Accessibility

      See to it that whatever business you’re putting in, or even your own accessibility in going in and out of the property are so easy. From the property to the city, market, malls and everywhere and the going back to the property.

3.)  Peace and Order:

      Is the place peaceful all through the day? Especially during night time. You can’t live peacefully if the place around you is a place of troublemakers. What about your family? It would be a bad influence on your family if the neighborhood you’re living is populated with bystanders and unemployed youngsters. Study the situation of the place.

 Take time to come back at the site without letting know the seller.  This is to ensure what the property looks would like at that time of the day.

4.) Come back in the morning, this is to see the place’s environment early in the morning and could give you an idea what would be good in the morning on that place especially if you’re planning to put some business on that place.

          If it is your dreamed house, see in the early morning how your might-be-neighbors doing there. See the surroundings of the house if your would-be neighbors would not be throwing their garbage and mess in your near area. Are your would-be neighbors has proper management on their wastes?

5.) Come back on the afternoon. This is to see the place what it looks like especially on the lazy afternoon. Same thing, you might be having a good idea what would you put in your business that would be profitable in the afternoon. Or, see the place in the lazy afternoon to see what your would-be neighbors are doing on that time. The worst is if gambling session is rampant with lots of drunkards which could be a bad influence to your children, well; it is up to you how would you consider.

 6.) Late afternoon to the early evening.  This is the most critical time of the day to be aware of. This is the most time where bad elements start their business. Check if the way going to and back to your property or the house is safe to anyone. What are your would be neighbors doing at this time of the day? Again, it is up to you to analyze or consider if situation would just be tolerable.

7.) Check on rainy days. The only purpose is what would be the situation of the property during rainy days. Is the place would not be flooded even just a little rain? What about if it would rains heavily?

8.) On sunny days. What would be the situation of the place during sunny days? What’s the environment? How are your would-be neighbors doing?

It would really take time to check and study the whole place before you would finally take it. That is, if you consider no regrets and blames would happen when time comes. Though there’s no really perfect place to stay and acquire but at least regrets and blames would never be happened. Negative risk would be avoided.

One of the best ways to help you on this matter is to ask suggestions on any property consultant. The best is if that consultant familiar the place. If you’re planning to invest in Cebu City, Philippines visit this site first and ask information.



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