Tuesday, December 12

Sleep Well, Avoid Hell

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Every person, every day needs sleep which is vital to our health. To replenish mental and physical energy our body needs sleep. Without good sleep body is unable to fight off disease, and our immune system becomes weak. Lack of sufficient sleep during night time leads to sleep disorder which in turn results in serious mental and physical impairment. Brain does not function as well with a lack of sleep, and person may feel difficulty in concentration, and thinking.

Reasons for disorder

  • Modern and high-faced lifestyles are leading to sleep disorders which are serious problems for many. 

  • People are more and more oriented towards their profession, achievement, and career than earlier and for that many a times they have to work for long hours; as a result their sleep patterns suffer. 

  • Old age may be another factor as people facing hardship to get good sleep as age passes.

Effects of disorder

  • Sleep deprivation results in serious mental and physical impairment both in men and women, and their ability to respond to the alertness and thinking decreases.

  • To get concentration in your work, you need to have the good sleep. When you overtired your brain would not function properly, and need rest as well as sleep to get function. You will lose the ability of solving problems, and dealing with stress when you deprived of sleep.

  • Sleep deprivation effects would cause serious health related problems like drastic weight change, heart disease, hypertension, depression, and many more. 

  • Lack of good sleep could trigger a hormone deficiency, which would cause an individual to eat more and thus gain weight. 

  • Sleep deprivation in old ages people leads to daytime fatigue and drowsiness.

Way to get good sleep

  • Yoga may help you to gain access an inner strength that allows you to face stress, fears, frustrations, and challenges of everyday life. 

  • Keep good habits, and be active during day times which are most important to get good sleep during night time.

  • Buy a decent, quality mattress, and make sure you have a comfortable bed.

  • Keep your room clean, and make it soundproof to avoid any disturbances during sleep. Adjust the room light for your comfortable level, because bright light may disturbs your sleep.

Don’t neglect sleep disorders. If you find any problem, solve it at its beginning stage itself. Otherwise it may become bigger problem in future. So make sure you will get proper sleep every day to maintain good health. 


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