Tuesday, December 12

Tangled Filmreview

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Tangled was a great animated film. It had all that you could think of. It has romance, mystery, action, comedy and even a dance number. It is an animated film for all ages.

Tangled is the latest and said to be the last (for now) of the kiddie, classic fairytale stories from Disney. The film is a great combination of art, animation, songs and comedic scenes. The 3D aspect of the film is there but you will probably be more focused on the story than the 3D scenes. The film has great cinematography for an animated film. The scenes and landscape, especially the night scenes were greatly done. The film’s story is sort of a mix of the original Rapunzel and other fairytale stories. It has that Snow White feel with a little bit of Thumbelina and Cinderella as well as an Aladdin adventure.

The voice casting did a good job. With Mandy Moore offering her voice for Rapunzel as well as her singing voice, she brought life and love to the character. Zachary Levi did a good job voicing Flynn Ryder, the prince charming of this story. Also a surprise to me is Ron Pearlman who voiced one of the thugs that are after Rapunzel. Adding more fun to the story are the animal characters. You will get a laugh when you meet Pascal, the chameleon. He is Rapunzel’s sidekick. Also adding more fun is Maximus, the Royal Horse who also acts like a hunting dog. He is the one who chases rider from start to finish.

The songs and score of the film are great. The score definitely did a great mix with the movement of the film and shows the emotions involved in a scene. You will really like the songs When Will My Life Begin as well as the romantic Something That I Want. The scene on the water with all the lanterns was well made and definitely gives out that romantic feel.

In all, Tangled is what you’d expect in a Disney animated film and more. It’s fun and romantic, full of action and drama. It is a film for all ages and deserves a spot among Disney’s best. I give it 8.5 out of 10.


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