Wednesday, December 13

The Best Dua (Supplication) For Muslims

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start Praising Allah (Subhanahu wa t’allah) in your most beautiful words, here is a Dua that will help you get you started (Inshallah Ta’la):

Allah Azza Wa Jall, Allah Subhanahu Wa Tallah, Allah Ta’la, Allah Nur-ussamawati Walardh.

Then Bless our beloved Prophet – Hadhrat Muhammad (Sallalahu alaihi Wassallam),

Then Bless His Ummah, His Family, His Friends, His Companions (Slaves). 

Start praising Allah, then Our Prophet, then our Prophets Ummah, Pray so that your sins be released, Pray so that you may be forgiven, Pray so that you may be given mercy, Pray so that you may be kept safe from the darkness, and Pray so that His Ummah be shown the right path, Pray so that you may be blessed, and Pray so that your family be shown the right path.

Praise Allah, then Bless our Prophet, His Ummah, His family and friends, Bless the Prophets that came before Him:


Idris (Enoch)

Nuh (Noah)



Ibrahim (Abraham)

Isma’il (Ishmael)

Ishaq (Isaac)

Lut (Lot)

Ya’qub (Jacob)

Yousef (Joseph)


Ayyub (Job)

Musa (Moses)

Harun (Aaron)

Dhu’l-kifl (Ezekiel)

Dawud (David)

Sulaiman (Solomon)

Ilias (Elias)

Al-Yasa (Elisha)

Yunus (Jonah)

Zakariyya (Zechariah)

Yahya (John)

‘Isa (Jesus)


‎Praise Allah in your beautiful words, then the Prophet, Bless His Ummah, Bless the Angels and Bless yourself, Bless those who are taught the Quran (and remember it), Bless those who teach the Quran, Bless those who have Faith, Bless those who worship, Bless those who believe in and follow the teachings of Islam, Bless those who know that the Mosque is better than their own home.Ameen Sumameen, Rabbilallameen

“Complete love, devotion and faith is to be directed to Him (who created us). His Heavens, His Paradise, His Message, and those who guided is throught our lifetime(the Prophets of Islam) are what we must follow to receive the true reward.” – Raheel Awan


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