Thursday, December 14

Satisfaction is Expensive

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Happiness is a positive and exciting feeling, which can be felt by every human being from his heart of hearts. Many people try to find happiness in the wrong places and it ended with the condition suffer more than ever. Happy or not is our own choice. Life is a choice with all its influence, both for ourselves and for others around us. Happiness itself is a subjective thing for everyone. There are people who feel happy when they have money, have a high office, had many friends, have children, a wife, a husband, a luxury car, got the company a lot, have a luxurious house and so forth.

Happiness is the dream of all people regardless of their gender, age and social status limits. Happiness can be felt someone grab something after which he changed for the better mood, calm, serene, peaceful and smiling loose.
There are several things that cause us to be happy, including:
1. Happy as a treasure. We would feel happy if our property needs are met, but the treasure can not guarantee one hundred percent of us live happily, if we are sick, abundant wealth we can not enjoy.
2. Psychological happiness. Even though our lives simpler, if given a healthy pleasure we can feel happy.
3. Happy as a beauty. Every human being glad beauty, happy to have a handsome husband, happy to have a beautiful wife, happy to have a nice house is equipped with a beautiful garden around it, and happy to have a luxury car.
4. Happiness morality. A family will feel happy if the family has good manners, good neighborhood people, and environmental communities as well Paik.
5. Intellectual happiness.,
6. Spiritual happiness. There are some people who think that real happiness is in the next, which is in heaven. If we want to find happiness living world and the hereafter, then we must always do good to others and to always pray.


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