Monday, December 18

Happy Valentine's Day From Victoria's Secret

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If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, than you know that Victoria’s Secret is the perfect store to visit for this occasion. Victoria’s Secret is offering a free sexy thong to it’s loyal customers on this special Valentine’s Day of 2011. If you happen to own the Victoria’s Secret Angel creditcard, than you can expect to receive your coupon for the free thing in the mail shortly. I have already received and redeemed mine.

This thong is very sexy. It is made of lace and cotton. Well, it is mostly lace actually. It comes in one size only, but appears to be fairly comfortable. This is not an item you would wear every day ofcourse. However, for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day you may want to treat yourself and your significant other. This thong costs $11.50 if purchased without the promotional coupon. The pattern of the thong is polka dot and it is available in black, pink, and red colors. Victoria’s Secret is really stepping it up for this romantic holiday season. Well, I am not the least bit surprised because the economy is still in the dumps and people are struggling to meet their basic needs. Romance and love making is the last thing that people are now thinking about.


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