Saturday, December 16

Are You Too Busy Chopping Wood to Take Time to Sharpen Your Ax?

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This world is crazy; it is up to you to get on board with your life.  Too many drop out of school to get stuck in a dead end job, living paycheck to paycheck.  But telling our children is like talking to the wall, it is as if they don’t see you struggling, or living from paycheck to paycheck.  Because you failed to continue your education, it is hard to get our children, to see this.

In this commercial world full of promises, taking the easy way out, not working for what you have, need or want, stealing whatever isn’t attached to something.  Some with their hands out thinking the world owes them something, this has become common place, this is sad.

Wanting to tell them you’ll exist, but all the dreams you think will come true or have dreamed about will never come true. We really don’t educate our children, they are pushed thru school, and most don’t have a goal
for their life.  And if they go on to school, college etc. it is only long enough to learn a basic trade.  In this time and age, a basic trade will not pay the bills; living from paycheck to paycheck is a promise.  Paying the bills, house payment, rent, electric, phone, are there to take everything you earn, leaving little for yourself, and if you’re married, little for the family.

Money or lack of is the number one fight in marriages, sometimes leads to divorce, and if children are in the picture, child support for the next 18 years.  So living paycheck to paycheck the child support is taken out of your paycheck even before you receive it. This now leaves less for your other bills, now you may have to eat less, do without cable, a cell phone, etc.

Everything that has been mentioned is to remind you how important your education is.  Think of yourself as an investment, you have to invest in yourself, think about the future.  The gift of life is too great to suffer if you don’t need to.  Or let me put it another way, following your dream is completely up to you, you never stop learning, educate yourself on what is the goal in your life.

If you think you will get smarter the older you get it doesn’t work like that. 

Life will always depend on how sharp you are, so whatever profession you decide on, remember take time to sharpen your Ax, and continue your education.



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