Monday, December 18

Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings Fast

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There is something about Google AdSense that drives people to insanity.  It is true that there are possibly a million sites out there which will claim that they can make you money with Google AdSense, just by doing the following things.  For the most part these are partly true.  Some will increase their earnings with this program but other will not.

Below are a list of ten things to be aware of when trying to increase earnigns with Google AdSense:

1) The tiping point comes from more qualtiy:  This is where you need good content.  Simple if you want to increase your earnings write great content.  This way when you increase traffic, you will be viewed as professional.

2) It is the money: A penny a day is great, but most people want to amke more than a penny a day they want to make $1000 a week.  Know that it is the money, but know that you have to take action.

3) Links:  This is a slow method, but it does have a tipping point where people will make money.

4) SEO: Care about what you are writing about and more important who is coming from where.  If you do not do a little search engine optimization your are missing out.

5) Your content is key:  That is how Google AdSense.  Note that your ads seem to be odd, then read your content, often this explains your problem.  ( for example if your ads say “buy water” see if your content has something in regards to water in it)

6) Titles and Money: A title can be long or short, but you need to pay attention to the fact that a title should ahve one of the words fromt eh URL in it, but not be the same as the URL.

7) Keep writing and linking:  It is worth repeating that in teh beginning your earnigns are do to your actions.  The more content you write the more earnings you will make, but then if you add links, this will increase traffic to your work.

8) Article Directories are your Friends:  Yes, they add links, and there are tons of them, adding a few will increase your traffic, and best of all Google and other search engines value the article directories.

9) Duplicating is hard:  If you duplicate your work too much you will lose money, but also it makes it harder to prove copyrights.  Making money with Google AdSense means focusing on how to get traffic to your Original content.

10) Keep trying: Do not lurk on sites, but learn from them, and follow through on your business.  One small step will make a difference if done each day.


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