Sunday, December 17

So What, I Have Quirks. Leave me Alone

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Is it wrong that my stomach turns when you have reminants of some disgusting sauce from some disgusting burger you bought at a place that sells “so called food”? This doesn’t seem to bother most people but please for the sake of god, wipe your face off.

When you use one of my pens at work, it’s bad enough I have to Lysol it when your finished.  Can you at least put the cap back on and put it where you found it?  No?  You just would like to throw it wherever and watch with glee as it rolls to the back of the desk, soon to fall between the desk and the wall into the pit of uncleaned dirt and dust?

Yes, when I walk by your desk I straghten out all the crooked papers you have scattered about.  What’s wrong with right angles?  Do you leave broken pencils in plain sight just to see if i will sharpen them?

Why do you roll your eyes when my dvd collection is alphabetized?  Does it really bother you that I straighten out my coster before I set my drink on it?  By the way do not ever ask to have a drink of something I am drinking.  Get your own!

The pantry is precisly organized, I don’t need your comment.  It makes life much easier when you have to decide what to buy at the grocery store.  Quite frankly I don’t see why yours is a mess.  The drawer in the refridgerator that says vegtables, suprise, is for vegtables.

Don’t use my tools.  I know you won’t understand why I am upset when your done with my hammer and just throw it on the bench.  If your adjust your eyes and really focus, you might see the giant pegboard on the wall.

If you do not shower before bed keep it to yourself.   I like to be clean when I slide into my sheets it’s normal.

I know sandals are cool but please, nobody wants to see your feet.


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