Thursday, December 14

The New Home of Sport And Fitness

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Promote your club and motivate your members like never before, for free, a new way to make sport and exercise more fun and engaging, has just launched.

Konkura is completely free and offers users the chance to join or create any sport, fitness or exercise challenge imaginable, making training and exercise more varied and motivational than ever before. 

Whether you’re a serious athlete or just someone looking to get in a little better shape, there’s a challenge for you at  Broaden your sporting horizons and keep training fresh by taking on people from different sports or in fun challenges to see who’s fittest, fastest or strongest. 

If you can’t find a challenge that’s just right, you can create your own in moments, then find new friends with similar goals and interests to compete with, discuss training tips or just exchange friendly banter and mutual encouragement.

Users can take part in challenges with like-minded people from around the world, making new fitness buddies along the way.  Similarly, groups of existing friends can motivate one another by setting challenges that the whole group will take part in.  And if ever you find your motivation waning, you can always find new and different challenges to reignite the spark.

Challenges on Konkura can involve any event that can be measured, e.g. via time, distance, repititions or other measures, and can include combinations of many different events.  Simple, single-event challenges can be set up in moments, whilst Konkura’s advanced challenge engine allows users the flexibility to create challenges around multiple events and entire workouts, or include corrections for factors like weight and age.  Anyone can join in a challenge by posting their score together with comments, photos and videos.


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