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5 Inexpensive Emergency Supplies For a Survival Pack

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Weather conditions can cause cars to stop for any number of reasons, and very quickly become incapacitated.  Keeping a small emergency kit in your vehicle can be vitally important if you find yourself stranded in your car.

First of all, if your car is stranded, try to stay calm.  Use common sense and remember you will be rescued.  It is always best to stay inside the car during a weather event.  Leaving your car will expose you to the elements and decrease your chances of survival.  The car will act as a shield against freezing temperatures, wind, rain and any other conditions outside your vehicle.  Remain where you are and help will eventually be there.  Having emergency supplies inside your car will help you stay hydrated and warm during the time you are waiting to be rescued.

Try to have as many items as you can in your survival pack to keep you warm and comfortable for an extended period.  But for practical purposes, the following 5 items are an essential basic emergency kit to have in your car, and is relatively inexpensive to put together:

  1. Water – Any type of bottled water will do. A case of 16 oz bottles will cost around $3.

  2. Energy bars – High calorie protein bars are good to have on hand.  These bars cost about $1 each, and you should have a dozen or so.

  3. Blankets – Any spare blanket you may have in the house would be good to use.  Also have one or two “emergency blankets”, which are lightweight, reflective blankets to conserve heat.  These can be purchased at Home Depot for about $2 each.  Plastic trash bags can also serve as heat insulators.

  4. Flashlight or other light source such as light-sticks – As good a flashlight as you can afford with spare batteries.  12-hour industrial tactical safety light sticks can be purchased through Amazon for around $15 for a 10-pack.

  5. A multi-tool – A serviceable multi-tool can be purchased for about $10, of course there are more expensive ones.  If you do not want to go to the expense of purchasing a multi-tool, just include in your survival pack a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers and a small pocket knife.

You need a container for your survival pack, in order to keep all the items together.  If you have an old backpack, it can be used to store all your survival pack items except for the water.  Other good containers would be Rubbermaid type or a trash bag.

This emergency supplies list covers very basic items to have on hand for survival, with a total cost of $40 or less depending on what items you may already have in your home.

Random, catastrophic weather events happen, and being prepared makes sense.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot, and having one could save your life and the lives of your loved ones.


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