Friday, December 15

8 Tips on How to Properly Wash Your Face

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Cleaning is important in maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. Below you will be able to get tips on ways to wash your face correctly.

1. Remove every trace of make-up/cosmetic on your face. Use cotton ball and moisturizing cream to avoid damaging your skin.

2. Many people use hot or cold water to wash their skin, which can result in the skin becoming dryer. You should always wash the skin with likewarm water, this will open the pores and allow for deeper cleansing.

3. Avoid strong or harsh soaps/ cleansers. Strong soaps can dry your skin and strip off natural lipids. Choose soap which are mild if you favor soap, or you may always choose cleansers that are soap- free, non- comedogenic, and mild like Cetaphil, Burt Bee’s or Neutrogena.

4. Massage face by gently rotating upwards your middle ring and pinky fingers. Do not forget that hard rubbing will actually do more harm than good.

5. When you’ve used a soap or cleanser, make sure you have washed away any residue. Not doing so can lead to your pores becoming clogged, ideally you ought to rinse at least 3 times.

6. Once washed you need to pat the skin dry, don’t rub your face!

7. Using a Toner can make your face feel smooth, although it needs to be alcohol free. Using one with glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids will work best on the face. You can avoid ingrown hairs through the use of these acids as they reduce the pore size. As they’re fairly agressive you will notice fast results, although it really should not be photosensitive which means its sensitive to light.

8. The final step is to use a moistourizer, these will help to restore your natural oils which have been lost. For the best results use a product which has the smallest amount of chemicals. Always use a light moisturizer on your face after cleansing. For an intensive moisture treatment use pure vitamin E, or aloe vera oil. It is available in liquid form, or just break open a capsule and apply the oil on to the skin.

Those are eight simple steps that would help you keep the face clean and beautiful. Start today for a more refreshed and beautiful you.


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