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How to Choose The Right Wheelchair-Mobility Scooter Lifts

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A wheelchair/mobility scooter lift helps the physically disabled and the elderly to enjoy more independence. The lift is very convenient for these individuals who uses such mobility devices and regularly require transportation of the device from one place (e.g. home) to another (e.g. mall/park). 

Purchasing a lift is considered a long-term investment. Hence, it is important to realize the benefits of an appropriately selected lift. There are several options when selecting a scooter or wheelchair lift. Quality, durable lifts can be bought with three thousand dollars or less, depending primarily on the added accessories or features. Basic lifts that require manual operation is typically less expensive than motor driven lifts that may need professional installation. 

When buying a wheelchair/scooter lift, some things must be considered for you to get the right lift that will best suit your needs: 
• Brand and model of the mobility device that needs to be lifted – Some wheelchair or mobility scooter may need a particular docking device for it to be safely lifted into the vehicle. 

• Exact make, year, and model of your automobile/vehicle – This is important when buying an internal vehicle lift for your mobility device. 
• Class of hitch – For external vehicle lifts, a trailer hitch must be installed on the automobile, depending on the required weight capacity. Class II trailer hitches usually have weight capacity of 350 pounds. Class III, on the other hand, can carry up to 500 pounds. In selecting the right hitch for the trailer of your vehicle lift, a snug margin must be allowed. The total weight of the mobility device and the lift’s weight must be at the very least, 10% less than the recommended weight capacity of the trailer hitch. 

Supplemental factors to consider before purchasing a scooter/wheelchair lift include: 
• the lift’s weight and size specifications; 
• material of the lift; 
• type of operation (automatic or manual); and 
• Warranty from the manufacturer. 

After knowing the basics, the consumer is now ready to move on with comparison shopping. Whether buying your lift online or offline, it is still best to review a number of manufacturers and determine which offers the best scooter/wheelchair lift in terms of functionality and price. 
Selecting the right lift for your mobility device is actually not a difficult thing to do. For a vehicle lift, what you should figure out first is how far do you usually travel. From here, you can already decide whether to have an external or an internal vehicle lift. Also, your automobile’s compatibility to such lifts is of equal importance. 

There are several manufacturers of scooter/wheelchair lifts. You can directly go to their stores to ask about the details of their lift products. Or, some manufacturers sell their products online for a more convenient shopping. 

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs can now be easily transferred up or down a number of levels, thanks to this great invention – lifts! Physically handicapped individuals can now optimize and enjoy more their freedom and independence. 


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