Friday, December 15

How to Grow Beautiful Flowers And Plants

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A garden filled with colourful flowers and plants will be a good sight to watch and is a perfect place to rest.However, not everyone is green finger. If you like plants or decide to invite them into your life or simply because you are a nature lover, then growing your own plants and flowers are the best choice in this year.

Growing plants is a healty activity for you and your family. It has a lot of benefits such as beautifying your garden, enlighten your spirit, cultivate your family’s sense of nature loving and most importantly, it can save you money by growing your own vegetables and flowers or it might turn out to be a side business.

There are a lot of ways where you could grow there beautifully. Fertilizing plays an imperative role. These are some of other more natural ways to approach.


  1. Use left over tea leaves. It is widely known that tea is good for our health and good for your plants too. Watering your plants and flowers with tea are good thing. It is more natural, without much organic and the best thing is the nutrient in the tea is a natural way to fertilize the plant.

  2. You could also use the bones of fish, pig, or cow which was eaten in the dinner. Instead of throwing them, you could clean them and boiling them. Simmering the bones soup and left overnight. The bones have a sufficient nutrient for the plants.

  3. Eggshell. Do not throw the eggshell away. Put it as a fertilizer in your plants as it provides the necessary vitamin to fertilize the flowers and plants in your garden..



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