Monday, December 11

Strengthening Core Support Musculature For Fast Back Pain Relief

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In this exercise, I’m going to show you a great exercise that helps you to strengthen and lengthen the core of the body and the support structures of the core. This is great for back pain, lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, sacroiliac pain, and hip pain. This helps to loosen up the body and also lengthen the musculature; gives you stability. I generally do this in the morning but you could do this anytime of the day. Now I will use two props. The first is a sticky mat, a yoga mat. You can buy this from my website, Walmart, Cotsco, or other places. The key is getting a sticky mat. You don’t want to slip when pushing your legs in opposite direction. This is crucial for friction. The second thing that I will use is a yoga brick or block. Generally I prefer a wooden brick; today what I have in hand is a hard foam brick. I generally use this while travelling. If I’m home, I always choose the wooden brick. But today, I happen to have a foam brick. I will show you later how these props are used. Again, you can buy this on my website, or at other places. Now, I’m go start by standing on my mat, feet together, toes together, heels together. Ankles, knees and hips all lined up. My weight is centered just in front of my heel. And I’m going to step my left foot sideways, followed by my left foot. So my legs are apart now. I place my weight just in front of the heel. My leg is nice and straight. My quadriceps is working. I’m going to pivot my right foot on my heel and rotate it outward. Align your foot sideward, parallel to the mat. My left foot is twenty or thirty degrees angled from the center of the mat. And the front foot is bisecting the rear foot. Now If I will have trouble balancing here, I’m going to adjust my right foot. I then place the yoga brick behind my right foot. I put my hands on my hips, lift my quadriceps, and tighten them. Lift both my arms to the sides and straighten them out at about a ninety degree angle. And I’ve got a nice extended position; two straight legs, two straight arms. Now I’m going to push into my heel and bend my body to my right leg, and I bring I bring my fingertips on the brick. Now, if you have trouble maintaining the posture, you can place your left hand on your hip. I press hard into my two feet. My knee caps are lifter and my quadriceps is working hard. Now, I will look up into the ceiling, and lift my left arm vertically, pointing towards the ceiling. Now, the stability and support of your posture should come from the left foot, not from your fingertips pressing into the yoga brick. Now, to come back up, I work my legs hard and lift my upper body to a straight position. I turn my right foot forward, and step my feet together. This is a great exercise for strengthening the legs, lengthening the hamstrings, and the abductor muscles. This is also great for freeing up your sacrum, and your lower spine. This can work wonders if you got lower back or sacroiliac pain in the morning. This is great for relieving upper back pain as you built support for the structures below the upper that support it. So I would generally do both sides; I would do sets of two to three minimum. And if you’re doing that every day in the morning for five to ten minutes, you’re going to feel great. So, go on and have fun.

It’s so easy to do this exercise. Its hassle free, it doesn’t require much space, and you can do this in the privacy of your home. What’s more this exercise relieves lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, all sorts of back pains fast. Try it, and see for yourself. To get the free video of today’s featured exercise visit Register, and grab the video and all the other videos absolutely free, no hidden charges whatsoever. What are you waiting for? Grab one now, and take your first step to a newer, healthier you.


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