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Change Your Alternator on Your Honda Odyssey

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Changing an alternator on a 99-04 honda odyssey is a fairly simple process but may take a little patience.

First thing you will need to do is make sure you have the correct tools for the job.

You will need a… 

wratchet with a couple extensions.

sockets-10mm 12mm, 14mm and in some cases a 13mm for the power wire on the alternator.

Wrenches- 14mm, 12mm.

Ok, your ready to go The first step is to disconnect the power cable from the battery because the power 

cable from the alternator is hot at all times and you may get a shock or see some sparks if the

battery is not disconnected.

Now unclip the wire plug from the alternator which will be on the right side of the alternator.

remove the nut that connects the power cable to the alternator. This is the 12mm or 13mm nut that you 

will need your wratchet with the extensions for. You need the extensions because there isn’t much space

right next to the alternator to turn the wratchet.

This motor has a tensioner for the belt whitch is accessable from the top of the motor. Put a 14mm wrench

on the bolt and lock together another wrench so that you are able to get leverage on the tensioner. force the 

wrench twords the back of the motor and slide the belt off of the alternator pully.

Remove the 14mm bolt at the bottom of the left side of the alternator that attaches it to the engine

Remove the 12mm bolt from the top left side of the alternator that attaches to a small breacket.

Try not to remove the bracket unless you have to.

Getting the alternator out will be a little tight so you will need to lift and pull to the side the power steering

fluid container just left of the alternator. You do not need to dissconnect the hoses from the plastic 

container, just shove it out of the way. It may take some twisting and turning to get it around the obsticles.

Once you get it free just reverse the removal process to put the new one back in.

One thing I recomend due to personal experience is before you leave the auto parts store with the

newly purchased alternator, have them throw it on the tester to make sure it is good because

it is not uncommon to get a bad one. No one likes to do the same job twice.

The last brand I had this problem with was one from advanced auto parts, Even came in a cheesey looking box, 

but I have had good luck with Duralst from autozone.


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