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How to Hire an Interior Decorator/designer in Va Beach

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What you Need to Know to Hire an Interior Decorator/Designer in Va Beach or anywhere else.
An Interior Designer/Decorator can and will do the research and legwork for you. You do have to do a little homework though. Before hiring and interior designer/decorator, decide what you are expecting from the decorator/designer regarding your project and what do you want the decorator/designer to do for you.

Steps to finding an Interior Designer/Decorator:
1.) Check to make sure that they have experience.
2.) Get two or more references.
3.) Ask how long they have been in business.
4.) Ask if they will come to your home.
5.) Ask what their rates are and how they work.
6.) Ask if they have a certain “style”.
These are just a few of the questions you should ask.

How to Hire an Interior Designer/Decorator
Think about the last time you purchased a car. Chances are you didn’t go to the yellow pages, choose a dealership at random, and buy your car from the first lot you visited. Many times, though, this scenario describes the way homeowners find an interior designer/decorator – they look in the phone book and call the interior decorator with the largest ad. But much like purchasing a car,finding a qualified interior designer/decorator requires research and comparison shopping.

Things an Interior Designer/Decorator can help you do:
There are a number of areas that a professional interior designer/decorator can help accomplish
• Colors and how they relate to one another.
• Patterns and how they relate to one another.
• Human perception of space, depth, and texture.
• Compatibility of furniture styles.
• Effective space utilization.
• Specialized painting and stenciling techniques.
• Wide variety of possible window treatments and much more.
• Experience in the building industry.
• Lighting.
• A good base of subcontractors to assist in completing your decorating project.


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