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Ever Burning Lamp

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Through out history, all civilizations from the ancient cradle of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Persia to the classic Greece and Rome, there is always one mystery that baffled scholars all the ages. Archaeologists found evidences of an existence of a lamp which amazing as it is, burning for thousands of years. It might still burn as we speak.

On 527AD, in Syria, Romansoldiers discovered a hidden lamp. It was beautifully designed. And the most mesmerizing thing is the lamp had a cover as to shield from wind. According to the inscription, that lamp was lighted on 27AD. In other words, if the calculation was correct that lamp has been burning for 500 years. However, disgracefully, the soldiers destroyed the lamp savagely. Hence, the mystery lamp remained a befuddle puzzle even to today scholars.

The account of this ever burning lamp has been written by a Greek historian. It recorded that in the temple of sun in Egypt, there was a burning lamp. Strangely, the lamp does not require any burning material, it still able to shine for centuries, unbothered by the rain and wind.

1400AD, in the tomb of Roman prince Paris, people uncovered another mystery lamp which has burning incessantly for 2000 years! Either wind or rain bothered it at all. It was said the only way to cease the burning flame was to take the liquid on the lamp bowl away.

Another document was on the English King Henry 8th on 1534AD, where his troops swarmed inside the English chapel, disorganized the religious groups while looted and raid the tombs. In Yorkshire, they came upon the tomb of the great Constantine’s father, and surprisingly unearthed a still burning lamp inside the tomb. Father of the great king has deceased on 300AD. So literally speaking, the lamp hidden in the tomb has burning for 1200 years.

As far as any documentaries recorded, these are merely on the tip of the iceberg, According to archaeological research, this ever burning lamp has been discovered all over the world, in ancient temples and ancient tombs. Besides those ancient civilizations, it has been uncovered in North and South America, Italy, Ireland, France, England and other countries.

Okay, now my dear readers, you are going to let your imagination runs wild a little bit. As far as I concerned, we are on a ride, a quest to turn back time and discovered this fascinating fact of the ancient world. Bear with me for a second, please.



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