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How to Impress on Valentine's Day

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Women – more than anything else – appreciate honesty, consideration, and effort being offered by their romantic partners. Take note, men, and take the initiative!

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your partner how much you care and how deeply Cupid’s arrow might have bitten you. Avoiding the cliche, or at least working it into your plans for the evening as a little added humour, will be one thing to consider amongst many. This is really an opportunity to shine, and if you are of a typically shy demeanour it is also a bit easier to move ahead under the umbrella of Valentine’s Day than it might be otherwise!

The Romantic Dinner Date, Re-Invented

The dinner date does not have to be awkward or sterile – in fact the best dinner dates are furthest from this experience. Choose a new restaurant, for starters, that your date has never been to before regardless of how long you have been seeing each other. As advised in earlier articles, one might want to go alone to the eatery beforehand to ensure that the quality of food, service, and value for price is within your expectations. Aside from the meal itself, however, the real secret is in the presentation.

Firstly, it is appropriate to dress very neatly. This does not mean that one must wear a full suit, but at the very least a nice looking sweater and dress jeans and dress shoes will do. One of the most common mistakes men make is to underdress to dinner engagements. You do not show respect or initiative to your partner when they show up in a beautiful dress or blouse and you sit opposite in a t-shirt and ballcap.

Of Flowers and Presentation

It is further advised that you visit a florist a few hours before the time of your reservation and select a bouquet – be sure to choose the flowers yourself as this will earn you extra points when you mention why you selected the flowers you did to give to her over dinner. If you do not already know what your partners favourite flower might be, be sure to ask. Most women do indeed have a favourite flower – whether it be calla lillies, roses, or orchids – so be sure to find out and include at least one of these as a centerpiece for the floral arrangement. Be sure to fill out a card to be placed with your bouquet and include a special message just for her on it – a candid or poetic expression of your true feelings and desires toward your partner will go a long way.

The Twist!

You will not be presenting the flowers to your date – your waiter or waitress will be. After visiting the florist, go to the restaurant with the bouquet and tell them that you would like for your arrangement to be brought to the table along with the appetizers – immediately setting the tone of the date early on and allowing you to talk about it for a while over finger food before the main course arrives. During the main course conversation is often a bit lighter as focus shifts to eating rather than conversation. Arriving without flowers and having the waitstaff offer them to your date will pleasantly surprise them – giving you a perfect opportunity to tell them why you chose the arrangement you did while they read your romantic note to them.

Tying Up All The Loose Ends

Lastly, you should already have a gift for your date. An excellent choice is fine jewelry – gold, silver, pearls, or gems purchased from a jeweler. Other options might be a gorgeous red or black dress in their size, or a beautifully framed photograph of the two of you having fun together. Ensure that you choose pieces or sets based upon the preferences of your date, and take care to match them in the case of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Typically, one should present this gift during the dessert course. Thoughts are now drifting towards the night’s festivities following the dinner, and this is a perfect time to present such a beautiful and unexpected gift. Many women will assume the flowers and dinner to be enough – by offering a final and thoughtful gift you will leave a lasting impression.

By offering jewelry, an evening dress, or a photograph of you two together – you are complimenting your date, implicit in your gift is the statement that you think her to be attractive and deserving of these items. Chocolate is a poor choice at this juncture because, during dessert, the sweet tooth has already been sated! After the bill has been closed off and you offer her coat to her, be sure to tip the server generously for their services and be on your way for the rest of what is sure to be an unforgettable evening!


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