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Inserting One or More Groups / Remaining

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1. Click the Insert Group toolbar button found on the supplementary toolbar, or click Insert, Group to open the Insert Group dialog box.

2. Use the first drop-down list to select the field on which you want to base your grouping. The second drop-down list gives options for the order of the groups on your report.

3. From this second list, select one of four options for group order As­cending, Descending, Specified, or Original. Ascending and Descending refer to alphanumeric order. The section “Specified Order Grouping” covers specified order options in detail. Original order is the order in which the records appear in your database, usually the order in which the data was entered.

4. Use the Group Options area to customize the group name if need be. Select the Customize Group Name Field check box, and then select an: existing field to be the group name or write a formula by clicking the “X+2” formula button.

5. Select the Keep Group Together check box to prevent groups from be­ing split over two pages. Select the Repeat Group Header on Each New Page check box to repeat the group header section on as many pages as the group extends.

6. Click OK to close the dialog box. The Group Header and Footer sec­tions appear on your report, with the Group Name field in the Group Header area.


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