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Tai Chi Precautionary Measures

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Considerably, this will not be new to you since almost all exercises have certain precautions that every practitioner must abide by and follow.

Below are some guidelines to ponder on (for novices and those who have medical problems):

Precaution #1

Do not attempt to learn Tai Chi through just instruction manuals and internet videos. The book can just tell you what to do and what are the basic precepts behind each move but it won’t really exhibit the right or wrong positions. Trying to copy the Tai Chi DVDs can be rather hag.

They’ll make you prefer to try and learn but will be really hard for you to keep on forcing the stop-rewind-play-stop-rewind-play-fast forward controls just to be abreast of their instructions. Things like this will never say to you if you have made an error in your performance. They will just continue on and on. Likewise, if you have a special question in mind, your manuals and videos won’t make the slimmest effort to answer you.

It’s always safe to learn from somebody who’s seasoned enough to teach you, PERSONALLY, the fundamentals. Once you’ve acquired the difference between the right and wrong method, that’s the proper time to practice with your manual or video. Novices should observe this very seriously.

Precaution #2

Upon getting in a Tai Chi program, you must choose the instructor who will teach you. You have to be sure that he or she is experienced enough to entertain whatever your needs or questions concerning Tai Chi. This is very crucial especially for those who are presently experiencing arthritis or heart troubles since there are certain movements that can be straining and may lead to more to the pain.

In cases of joint pains and flares, always consult your physician about it. Ask him what are the suitable movements that can’t bring about further pain. Tell your teacher about your precondition so that he might have an idea on what would be more suitable for your condition.

Precaution #3

You must always warm up before and then cool off and take a nimble rest after. You might not think Tai Chi as a vigorous and straining kind of exercise but bear in mind, it keeps the muscles and joints working real hard.

Precaution #4

If there’s a need to change, then do it for as long as it’s needed. Since there are numerous Tai Chi movements that require your whole body to produce a perfect position. But if you have some unseen engagement that could lead to your performance to become blur, then cast off the original movements then alter it.

Precaution #5

Whenever you can not do it, don’t push it. Exerting yourself just to let everybody see is like straining yourself in the most awful manner. Tai chi is an action in which it’s meditative and not stressful so do not push yourself to movements that aren’t conceivable for you to execute.

Practice. This will not harm you. And it will only take you at the least half an hour to finish an hour’s program. Tai Chi is indeed an excellent exercise for meditative intentions. But don’t misidentify it with other vigorous exercises that assure weight loss or weight gain, nice abs, etc.


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