Wednesday, December 13

Sorting Detail Records

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Sorting records on a report makes the report easier to read and under­stand. Seagate Crystal Reports provides the Record Sort Order dialog box to help you sort the detail records on a report. You can have more than one level of sorting on any report. Without a sort order, the records on your report print in their original order, which theyorder in which they appear in your database.

Setting the Sort Order

Use the Record Sort Order dialog box to set the sort order of the records onyour report. To assign a sort order to detail records:

1.    Open the Record Sort’ Order dialog box with the Sort Order toolbar button or click Report, Sort Records.

2.    To designate a field by which to sort records, click that field in the Report Fields list, and then click Add to move the field over to the Sort. You can also double-click a field to move it right over to the opposite list.

3.    You can adjust the sort direction by clicking Ascending or Descending in the Sort Direction area.

4.    Add as many sort fields as you want by moving fields to die Sort Fields list. To remove fields from the Sort Fields list, select the field and click Remove.


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