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An Introductory Guide to Joining a Tai Chi Class

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Firstly, recognize some facts about Tai Chi. Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan isn’t any different after all. There may be an additional character on the latter but the significance is still the same. The term Tai Chi is just the shorter version. Tai Chi Chuan takes the meaning of “Supreme Ultimate Fist”. It is gained from a series of kung fu methods so it can be utilized as both a therapeutic activity and a medium of self-defense.

The range in the number of students in every class varies but you can expect around 20-30 students in each class. The age factor is between teens and ’till up to the 90s. This art is not usual for children though, because the slow movements will easily bore them. But most probably, classes like these target individuals from the early 20s and so on. Men and women alike can enter in the class. It’s quite rare to see a men-only or women-only class inside a Tai Chi program. Typically, it’s much more beneficial if men and women mix because of the energy that is brought up inside the class.

Being fit is not a prerequisite. It is all right if you are stout, overweight, thin or so. Even those who are permanently committed to their wheelchairs can adjust to the movements of Tai Chi. Certain attention is required though. But if you’ve gone through certain medical treatments, ask your physician if Tai Chi is actually meant for you because if it’s contraindicated, might as well forget it. If your doctor has approved your Tai Chi activities, tell your instructor about your handicap so he can adapt or restrict movements that you can’t handle.

Tai Chi is both a martial and an exercise. But there are instructors that contribute only the movements that are strictly for health. There may be like at least 80% of those who are engaged in the art embracing the idea of Tai Chi as an art. So if you believe that you are the type who requires self defense more than an exercise, you can accomplish this in some art that exhibits kung fu moves rather than health exercises. But if you’re the type who wishes the best of both worlds, Tai Chi is perfect for you.

Tai Chi is a form of inner martial art that’s defined by soft movements and is trained to be an unwinding and much slower speed than other forms of martial art.

If you continue thinking what to wear on a Tai Chi class, you do not have to buy cool clothes. Special clothing isn’t a prerequisite. You only have to wear something very comfortable like snickers, jogging pants, and T-shirts. Keep in mind, it must be something that would permit you to move freely while executing every move. Do not wear jeans or any restricting clothing.

Things to expect while in a Tai Chi course are Qigong, which means meditation that is acted by moving your body, or otherwise is in a stationary state. Pushing hands or what is known as tui shou, is an exercise that needs two persons who exchange energy by executing movements leveled with each other. You can also anticipate the use of weapons such as swords.

These will be utilized in advanced classes and those who enroll are the ones who have already gone through the basics.


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